I honestly could not be any happier, Dr Zoumalan turned my whole life around! I had so many issues before I decided to have my Rhino Surgery with Dr Z. My breathing was horrible, I had constant sinus infections, I had trouble sleeping, tasting, the list goes on. Not to mention the huge bump on my nose, which as a young female, was my “biggest issue.” Somehow, even though I had thousands of issues with my nose, I put it off for so long because I was so nervous about having surgery. After the worst episode of sinus infection, I started looking into finding a surgeon. I met a handful of surgeons, until I landed in the hands of Dr Zoumalan. He made me feel so confident about undergoing rhino surgery, he showed me a projection of how my nose would look, explained the whole surgery, and went into detail about what to expect. I went back to work 7 days after my surgery with little, to almost no sign of surgery, except for the fact that I had a beautiful nose and was already breathing about 80% better. Now, three months out, I can honestly say my breathing has gotten better by almost 100%. Thank you so much Dr Z!!!

Kandace J.

I had a functional medical procedure performed on my neck by Dr. Richard Zoumalan, and the experience was significantly better than I had hoped it would be. He was very calm, walked and talked me through the whole thing, and it was over practically before I realized he had even started. The results look great; completely natural. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Rich the next time I need anything taken care of.

Ethan F.

Dr. Zoumalan is an excellent surgeon and I will give him the highest of recommendations. My surgery went flawlessly and he took extra measures to ensure the success of my procedure. From beginning to end I was comfortable, informed, and confident I had made the right decision in my choice of surgeons. He is thorough, talented, and his bedside manner is unbeatable. This was my first surgery with Dr. Zoumalan, but it won’t be the last. I know exactly who to call in the future should I need additional care. In addition, he is VERY handsome as well!!

Kathy P.

I can not say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Zoumalan. I went to him for a Rhinoplasty in which I have been contemplating for several years. It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Zoumalan that I knew I was in the right hands. He was extremely kind and answered all my questions with ease. I was beyond satisfied with my results. My nose looks so natural. It was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Zoumalan. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Christine B.

Wow is all I can say! As a registered nurse and provider of cosmetic procedures myself, I am now referring all of my patients to Dr. Zoumalan.

I went for a consult for an earlobe repair after a mini face lift years ago. I ended up with pixie ears which led me to hide my ears as much as possible. Dr. Zoumalan’s confidence and personality sold me. He took his time explaining what the procedure involved, gave me options, and was well priced to boot.
The actual procedure was done in the office. Piece of cake! I was totally relaxed as his and his staff’s demeanor is kind, confident and approachable. The end result was perfect. His attention to detail was amazing. He is a perfectionist as am I.

I work in a high profile cosmetic dermatology office and hand out his business cards on a regular basis. I will continue to recommend him to anyone that desires to look their best!
And he is absolutely adorable!

Robin S.

Dr. Zoumalan is an accomplished, dedicated and talented plastic surgeon who truly cares about his patients. My procedure requires several trips to his office and every time I am greeted with a warm, friendly and professional staff. I am halfway through the process and already see major improvements.

Prior to starting my procedure, Dr. Zoumalan took his time to thoroughly explain the procedure and the process involved for desired results. I had a clear understanding of what was involved and was fully comfortable with the plan he had tailored specifically to address my problem area. I walked out of the consultation without any hesitation to proceed with his recommendation and I am so grateful to him for all his help. Not only is he an amazing plastic surgeon, he is an incredible human being with a deep desire to help people. He is a kind and compassionate individual who genuinely cares about his patients. It only takes one meeting with him to know that he is very passionate about what he is doing and takes pride in his work. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Zoumalan for helping me. It goes without saying I would highly recommend him.

Lorina E.

Dr. Zoumalan performed a procedure on me and my experience was amazing from the time I walked in to when I left. His office staff is very pleasant and the procedure itself went smoothly. I highly recommend using Dr. Zoumalan to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon. It was a very pleasing experience.

Alfonso L.

I am 4 months in from septoplasty and rhinoplasty by Dr. Richard Zoumalan. I went to 3 other doctors, and chose him because of his confidence, bedside manner, and ability to explain things in a way that makes sense. He also used my insurance for the breathing part, which made it affordable. He is an excellent doctor with excellent staff, and I am extremely happy with my results.


I was tired of getting mad with my neck. I just turned 66, and over the years, I’d accepted the change that comes with simply surviving: losing skin elasticity and hormones. I’d lost my jawline, my eyes had craters under them, and I looked tired all the time. I’d tried electro stem facials and all the tiny fixes – the injections and fillers, but nothing seemed to help for long. Because I grew up in LA, I’ve been surrounded by face lifts all my life. And that’s why I was terrified at the prospect of surgery; I’d seen far too many “plastic surgery victims.” So when I met with Richard Zoumalan, I gave him a picture of me when I was 42, and I said, “That’s what I want. Is that possible?” And he said, “Yes!” He explained what he’d do, and how he would do it. I had surgery less than a month ago, and amazingly, I look almost exactly like me, only about 25 years younger. I got what I wanted. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. Besides being a kind, compassionate person, an amazing surgeon, he’s also an artist. His office is filed with his artwork. His darling brother Christopher Zoumalan did my eyes, and they look great! Between the two of them, you can’t ask for a better team – they’re young, energetic and trained to do the newest procedures. My sister calls them the “Hot Docs.” Oh, the only downside to this? My baby sister, who is 14 years younger than I am, said, “I don’t think I like you looking younger than I do!” Oh, well… ;^))

Past Life Love

I recently went to Dr. Richard Zoumalan for a nose job and I could not be happier. Not only was he extremely professional and kind, he truly is the best at what he does. I met with many doctors in the area, but Dr. Richard Zoumalan is the only one who guaranteed me that I would still look like my self, but without that awful bump!
When I saw the results, I couldn’t believe how good it came out. It is by far the most natural looking nose job out there. Many of my colleagues and friends keep telling me how good I look, but they cannot put their finger on what exactly I did. It has been a little more than 3 months and I couldn’t be happier! Anyone who is considering a nose job should go to Dr. Zoumalan….you will not be disappointed!!!