Although i use yelp frequently, I’ve never felt the need to write my own review until now. I’ve wanted to get rhinoplasty since I was 10, but getting surgery scared me. More than 20 years later I finally felt I had to do it. My nose was very crooked (septum and tip). I had what you’d call a witches nose. After lots of research and 4 consultations with different doctors I chose Dr. Zoumalan. I am so happy I did! I can’t believe my nose is straight. I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty.

Here are the reasons I chose him: 1.) I found him the easiest to communicate with and felt he understood what I wanted. He listened to all my concerns and was honest with what was and was not possible. 2.) His work is very natural and I found his before and after pictures to have the best tip work which was one of my biggest concerns. 3) I was confident my breathing would not be compromised. 4) His staff/nurses were the most friendly. They also responded promptly to emails.

It’s been 2 months since my surgery. I still have some swelling to go, but it looks great! I’m relieved I picked the right doctor. My family is also very happy with my results. My mom likes to show everyone pictures on her phone of my new nose.