Dr. Richard Zoumlan is a life saver. I have had several skin cancers over the past 10 years, last year I had 2 major skin cancers on my nose. My Dermatologist was able to cut both of them off, within 5 months of each other, but he suggested I get a Plastic Surgeon to repair the damage as it was very deep and ended up almost on top of each other. I was lucky to be recommended to Dr. Zoumalan by a good friend who had just had their eyes surgery.
Dr. Zoumlan was able to close the hole in my nose, cut a flap and sew it up without damage to my eye or shape of my nose. Unfortunately, within 5 months another skin cancer surfaced, much deeper and right on the stitch line, this created a huge problem, but Dr. Zoumlan once again devised a flap and stitch line that make that hole disappear. Now 3 months later, my best friends can’t even detect a scar or any damage. I feel extremely lucky to have found Dr. Zoumlan and couldn’t give him a higher recommendation. Even my Dermatologist said, Dr. Zoumlan is an artist and he is recommending his patients to him too.

I now have someone I have complete confidence in to help me with any future issues.