Dr. Zoumalan performed my revision rhinoplasty last year, and he hit a home run! After my first rhinoplasty, I was terrified to go back to surgery. I had my nose done 5 years ago by another surgeon, and I hated the result. My tip was twisted and there was a big bump on it. I also had another bump higher up. And how does breathing get worse after surgery??? I never understood this. I was so nervous about the revision that I almost had a panic attack during my visit before surgery. No joke. Dr. Zoumalan calmed me down. I was so scared I almost walked out. But I’m so glad I didn’t.

Dr. Zoumalan fixed everything. Everything. Both bumps are gone, my nose looks fabulous, and I can breathe again. He told me that my septum was still crooked, and thank god there was enough cartilage in it to reconstruct the nose.

I found him through a friend, and I am so happy, I even sent her a gift as well! Hehe.