Going with Dr. Richard Zoumalan for my facelift was the best decision I ever made.
It’s Beverly Hills location, the Beverly Hills experience and the Beverly Hills results, but NOT the Beverly Hills prices. My facelift cost the same as anywhere else and I look fantastic!

I am 56, always took care of myself and kept in shape. I’m not one to be afraid of a few wrinkles, but after age 50 I went from ‘hmmm…matronly’ to ‘acck! are those turkey wattles?’.

Dr Z and his staff were low key and helpful, he showed me the various options and what I could expect from them, and did not push extra procedures. I wanted a lower face and neck lift. He calmed my doubts about general anesthesia, which was something I had never undergone.

Well, he set the clock back an easy 12-15 years! Everything looks completely natural – needless to say the one thing I didn’t want was a generically ‘done’, stretched out face. I look like myself, only years younger. There were no scars, at least none that I have found. My friends and acquaintances think I look great and when I admit to plastic surgery they immediately want to know the name of my surgeon!

10 stars to Dr Zoumalan!