“I can’t even express how grateful I am for Dr. Zoumalan. My husband saw him for a rhinoplasty because he was having breathing problems. Dr. Zoumalan indicated that he needed a septoplasty and turbinates reduction to help with that. Because my husband was doing the functional part of rhinoplasty, he figured he should do the cosmetic portion as well. He was so skeptical about doing it, because being a male, he didn’t want it to look so obvious and feminine. Dr. Zoumalan reassured him that he would shape the nose to make it look masculine. He even took pictures to project how my husband wanted to look. When it was all said and done, my husband and I couldn’t believe of how amazing he looked. It looks so natural and not too obvious. Dr. Zoumalan did an incredible job. He gave my husband the nose that he always wanted, and he can breathe better too. I would highly recommend him to anyone. “