Plastic Surgeons want to be him… Patients want to be with him….

“Dr. Z”, as I know him, has been performing top shelf rhinoplasty procedures and in the Hills of Beverly since before the average thirty something trophy wife learned that an active disdain for carbs was as integral to survival as looking both ways before crossing the street.

Dr Z enjoys a well-earned reputation as gifted surgeon among his peers–as a result he is often on the receiving end of referrals from his peers who have not yet attained his technical abilities or lack the experience with complex procedures.

Most important of all his patients love his bedside manner and concern for their genuine well-being. He’s the type of doc who makes people feel comfortable instantly and gives them the help to make well-informed decisions.

Need not pray to heaven for guidance if you need a premiere facial plastic surgeon , your destiny with Dr Z has already been written in Yelp Stars!